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The Leeds East Primary Partnership (LEPP) was established as a Co-operative Trust in December 2012, in order to strengthen and sustain the collaboration between our four schools, Beechwood, Cross Gates, Grange Farm and White Laith Primary on a long-term basis, in the belief that the partnership would lead to even better outcomes and opportunities for children, their families and the wider communities served by the schools.  In 2018 Seacroft Grange completed their first year as a full partner and LEPP is now firmly established as a partnership of five primary schools.  We are now all working with our ‘external partners’, using the additional expertise and experience to assist us in the achievement of our vison and aims.  Please go to the vision and aims page to find out more about these.


To this end, the schools and their partners have worked closely together in a range of initiatives involving staff, parents, children and governors.


We are continuing to move forward in a range of projects.  Please visit the sections in our website for further information.


If you have any queries please feel free to contact our Trust Administrator at