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Expression of interest in joining LEPP

About Leeds East Primary Partnership (LEPP)

Leeds East Primary Partnership is a group of five thriving and successful primary schools and their partners who work closely together to achieve the very best for the children, young people and families in our communities.


Our aims are to:-

  • Improve teaching and learning.
  • Develop leadership.
  • Strengthen care, guidance and support.
  • Achieve better value for money.


Our Co-operative values listed below are central to the work of our schools.

  • Self-help: Encouraging all within the organisation to help each other, by working together to gain mutual benefits. Helping people to help themselves.
  • Self-responsibility: To take responsibility for, and to answer to, our actions.
  • Democracy: To give our stakeholders a say in the way we run our school.
  • Equality: Equal rights and benefits according to their contribution.
  • Equity: Being fair and unbiased.
  • Solidarity: Supporting each other and those in other co-operatives.


Our Board

The role of the Trust Board is to help provide the overall strategy and direction for the partnership, and is accountable for making sure we achieve our aims and make a real difference to all of the children and staff across the Trust schools. The board contains a mixture of headteachers, governors and members of the Trust partner organisations. They bring additional experience and skills to the five schools at the heart of the Leeds East Primary Partnership. Our members include city councillors, a children’s centre manager, and representatives of higher education (Leeds Trinity University), a local charitable body (Friends of Foxwood Farm), and a partnership of secondary and primary schools in outer East Leeds – The Brigshaw Learning Partnership. We meet 3-4 times a year, discuss the progress of the Trust priorities, and look at how best to support them. We ask challenging questions and we are keen for the Trust to be forward-looking and responsive to the changing educational landscape we live in.

Joining the Leeds East Primary Partnership is a significant commitment. The status of the school is changed legally, the governing body has a different composition and headteachers and staff sign up to giving their time and skills for the mutual benefit of all our children.



If you want to find out more please email Sarah Hay, Trust Administrator at Expressions of interest will be considered by the Trust Board on an individual basis.