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Arts Legacy Project - building on from our 10 year anniversary event

Leeds East Primary Partnership (LEPP) 10 Year Anniversary

On 5th December 2023 all 5 schools from LEPP attended a 10 year anniversary performance of either The Enormous Crocodile or Oliver. This was part of our ongoing Arts Legacy - giving opportunities to the children of East Leeds.

Leeds East Primary Partnership is a Foundation Trust of 5 Primary Schools serving inner-city East Leeds.


Our Mission is to create Opportunity for ALL. 


Access to the Arts is not always a priority or an option for our children and the community we serve. However we have seen from past investment in all of our schools the transformative effect that the Arts can have on children's self-esteem and confidence. We're looking to build sustainability to the huge enrichment opportunities that the Arts provide for children across all of our schools. 


Our Trust turned 10 years old in 2022 and to celebrate this we planned the biggest school's event in Leeds' Theatres history by ensuring ALL of our children across ALL of our schools accessed a performance of either The Enormous Crocodile or Oliver at Leeds Playhouse in December 2023. This will likely be a once in a lifetime opportunity for our children and community - but what if it wasn't?


We want for this mega-event to be turned into a legacy and we've already started on this journey with staff training, pupil's pre-show preparation, video and photographic documenting of the process and post-event relationships to develop with our arts partners. There's more to do. 


We would love to get financial support to make sure that we can build our legacy to work with our Arts partners and create new partnerships that provide our children with as many opportunities as we can. 

East Leeds will have some amazing and talented musicians, actors, singers etc but how will they be inspired, trained and discovered if they're not exposed to all these amazing artforms and pathways?

We need your help so that this can happen and have the least impact on our already stretched school budgets. Can you help?






As part of our 10 year anniversary event we held a CPD day for teachers at Leeds City Varieties and Leeds Playhouse - not only getting all staff ready for our huge event but also engaging in adults in arts-based workshops; developing their skills in teaching the arts for use back in the classroom.


On 5th December 2023 all of our children went to see exclusive performances of Oliver (for KS2) and The Enormous Crocodile (for KS1) took place. It was amazing.


Videographers were there to capture the journey from the CPD day in November, were in schools beforehand on the day and afterwards - capturing the voices from this fantastic event. 


A short film has been made which celebrates the work we've done together to celebrate our 10 years of collaboration.

You can check out the video here:


We hope that we will form a partnership with arts organisations to help us to continue our arts legacy back in school beyond the performances - enriching our curriculum offer and allowing children to enjoy all the benefits that the arts have to offer.